Fox News’ Laura Ingraham gained first success revealing people’s sexuality


Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham, who has hit the headlines for mocking Parkland shooting survivor’s grades, had her first reports made in college devoted to outing her fellow students who were gay. In 1984, when Ingraham was editor of The Dartmouth Review, Dartmouth College’s unofficial newspaper, she sent a reporter to secretly record an anonymous support group for LGBT youth in the college, it has been proven. Ingraham then published a transcript of the Gay Students Association meeting – complete with the names of two students present – in the paper, which had a reputation for deriding black people, women and minorities, according to The New York Times. Laura revealed the sexual experiences and sexual identities of the attendees and named two officials of the association. Ingraham defended outing students who did not want to go public with their sexuality at the time, excusing her actions with a freedom of speech in press.


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