Man cancels his TV license because he sees too many gay boys there


While TV industry is still struggling with LGBT representation and diversity, there is a person who believes that it is already too much. Bryan Eastwood, a Brighton Football Club supporter thinks that there are gay people on every single channel and it makes him think that the current television is now in trouble with representing heterosexuals, so he prefers not to watch TV anymore. He specifically singled out shows A Place in the Sun, Dinner Date, Four in a Bed and Come Dine with Me as being overrun with gay people, adding that he’s “getting really pissed off with this #LGBT being stuffed in our faces at every opportunity.” He attached the photo of an application to cancel the TV license. The post has so far received more than 300 responses, almost all of them pro-LGBT comments, images and GIFs, but there were those who agreed with his opinion, saying that the current TV was really obsessed with political correctness which is sometimes, as they believe, forcefully infused in people’s minds.


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