‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ stars face violent verbal abuse


Season nine queens Shea Coulee and Farrah Moan were told they were “faggots,” “slut” and a “walking STDs” by two young women as they went to a kebab shop in Newcastle. “We’re touring the world being gay. What are you doing?” the queens jokingly told their abusers, calling them ‘greasy’t o which one replied: “Why are you so gay?” The queen responded: “Because I’m a motherf**king star.” And in a video posted on YouTube, Shea told the crowd at one of their shows that they had received some unorthodox assistance from a fan who stepped into save the stars from abusers. There was a 6’2″ glamazon there named Steph… I need to find Steph, because Steph was at our show, and she told these young ladies: ‘Don’t do that. Do you know who these people are?’” the drag queen said.


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