Scissor Sisters’ Ana Matronic helps transgender charity and inspires her fans to do the same


Winchester’s trans community will have been pleased to see Scissor Sisters legend Ana Matronic attending a trans rights conference hosted by trans rights charity Chyrsalis, PinkNews reports. The musician took part in the conference alongside healthcare experts who raised a question of health and medical supply for transgender people and social workers that worked on the policies that should be provided for transgender people to feel safe. Chrysalis has 13 years’ experience working with transgender people and their loved ones and Scissor Sisters has been considered an iconic band for the queer community. Matronic herself has been married to a man for 8 years, but she is proud to be a queer icon, she tells her fans to spread love, not hate, and shows on her own example that there is no need to belong to some community if you want to help and support it.


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