Anti-gay politician abused his fiancée sexually and physically


Benjamin Sparks, who worked on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in 2012, allegedly forced his 46-year-old girlfriend to sign a five-page contract according to which she was forced to have sex with him whenever he wanted. The contract also stated that she had to be naked at all times, kneel and direct her gaze downwards whenever she entered his presence, and wear a collar. A Las Vegas police report details how Sparks evaded arrest after a domestic dispute at his ex-fiancée’s house earlier this month. Officers decided that there was “probable cause to arrest Sparks for domestic battery”. The investigation continues. The pair moved together in autumn and the woman faced abuse all that time, but when he asked her bound, blindfolded and have sex with other men in front of him it was the last straw. Last Thursday, the woman tried to leave their home because she suspected Sparks was under the influence of drugs, but he forcefully kept her in for hours. Sparks also called 911 and claimed that the woman had tried to kill herself – which she has denied – and that she had physically attacked him, but when the police arrived he disappeared. Following the start of a police investigation, Sparks was fired from his position as political affairs director of RedRock Strategies, a political consulting company with offices in Las Vegas and Washington, DC.


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