Anti-LGBT politician Ann Widdecombe used to be named the ‘worst Have I Got News For You presenter ever’


Ann Widdecombe, an extreme opponent of LGBT equality, has been labelled the worst ever presenter of Have I Got News For You by panelist Paul Merton who called her arrogant. Team captain Merton told Radio Times that the politician’s comeback to the show was one of the worst experiences in his career. “Second time she comes on she’s telling the producer what jokes will and won’t work. She turned to me at one point and said, ‘Come on, be amusing; that’s what you’re being paid for,’” Merton remembers, saying he still shivers when he thinks about it, “It’s like, the arrogance of the woman, you know? Suddenly she thought she was Victoria Wood!” Widdecombe was reportedly angered by a Jimmy Carr gag at her expense, following her second appearance in 2007, and claimed that “no amount of money” would encourage her to repeat the experience. The revelation comes after broadcast regulator Ofcom received more than 100 complaints about her “homophobic comments” on Celebrity Big Brother.


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