CVS Health accused of exposing the HIV-status of the patients


The private healthcare company was named in a suit filed in Ohio over letters sent to HIV-positive patients on the state’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program. The thing is that the word ‘HIV ’was visible through the plastic window in the envelope as it was written right bellow the mane and address. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of three unidentified patients, alleges that the company is responsible for risking the disclosure of their HIV status to friends, family and postal workers though the patients did not permit them to do so. The plaintiffs also allege that CVS did not failed to announce the breach of privacy data, and failed to contact patients whose status was revealed. CVS responded to the lawsuit with a following statement: “CVS Health places the highest priority on protecting the privacy of those we serve, and we take our responsibility to safeguard confidential information very seriously. As soon as we learned of this incident, we immediately took steps to eliminate the reference code to the plan name in any future mailings”.


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