Demi Lovato: Kissing Kehlani was perfect


The sexually fluid pop star and LGBT campaigner surprised and delighted fans with the kiss, which came at a concert in New Jersey on the last stop of her tour of the US. Demi was delighted as Kehlani, who is openly bisexual, appeared on stage next to her and started to embrace her colleague. As Kehlani tried to kiss Demi, she did not mind. On Twitter, Demi wrote: “Truly so grateful to have had this extremely special, talented and cool as f*ck woman on this tour with me.. What an incredible fun sexy crazy night that I’ll never forget!! “Demi said she had no idea that Kehlani would appear on stage but started guessing what was going on when she did not notice her fellow star among public though she had promised to be there and watch the show. “And I don’t know, we just kissed each other. Like, it wasn’t planned – she totally surprised me,” Lovato revealed, “It was perfect. It was awesome.”


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