RuPaul’s Drag Race star Dusty Ray Bottoms went trough exorcism because of homophobic parents


During last night’s episode, Dusty – whose real name is Dustin Rayburn – opened up about his coming out to his parents, which was literally heartbreaking and terrifying moment. Instead of hugging him and saying they loved him no matter what, they took their son too church. “They got me exorcised because they thought I was possessed by a gay demon,” the man says, “I had to list every person I’ve ever had a sexual encounter with. I was so confused after the whole thing went down because… was I straight now? Was I? I had to go through therapy and I was on a track to go to straight camp.” But of course he was not straight, he was just deeply traumatized. “It was the most humiliating, awful thing of my life, ever,” he adds. The pastor told him that he would never find love because gay people could not love. But now Dustin has a boyfriend named Mark and they are engaged. “Things are going really great in my life,” he added, “and I didn’t have to compromise or change for someone’s small-minded view.”


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