Samira Wiley shares how she understood she was in love with her now-wife


Orange is the New Black star Samira Wiley has opened up about how she fell for Lauren Morelli, whom she now proudly calls her beloved wife. Wiley, who has added a leading role on The Handmaid’s Tale to her breakthrough role as Poussey Washington, tied the knot to co-star Lauren Morelli last year after four years of relationships and they had a great honeymoon in Disneyland and Italy. Speaking to BUST magazine Samira noted that it was not even love at first sight, it was love at first word of the script by Lauren which she had read. She fell in love with her soul and mind, Lauren was so talented that Samira could not wait to meet her in person. “It was the first script that my [character’s] name was actually in, where she says her name is Poussey. It’s the ‘accent à droite’ script. But then there was this rap battle in it and I was like: ‘Who is this writer? They just wrote a whole rap battle.’ I just assumed that they were going to be a person of color,” the actress remembers. Finally meeting Lauren Samira was not disappointed: “I just remember her coming to set and me being able to watch her be a boss from afar, telling whatever people to go this way, answering this question,” she said of that time. This was particularly pertinent as Morelli was married to a man when she met Wiley and only realized she was a lesbian in 2012, during one of her first days on the OITNB set. For Wiley this period was hard but it was worth it: “Feeling like she picked me as the person she was going to talk to about all of it. And it wasn’t sexual, it was just like a friend. There was something deeply intimate about that, whether there was sexual tension there or not,” she reveals, “The deep intimacy of being two people talking about the core of who we are. Talking about our journeys. Not even necessarily flirting on set, but on the phone, thousands of miles apart, talking about ‘Who are we? And does this make me a different person? Does this actually make me who I am now?’That’s how we fell in love.”


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