Transphobic feminists suggested that Youtube shooter could be trans


Four people were injured at the YouTube headquarters in California last Tuesday when Nasim Najafi Aghdam, a video maker upset that the company had stopped paying her ad money, came to the company’s office for revenge and started a fire. Aghdam, who was born in Iran and had tens of thousands of followers on social media, killed herself after the attack. Trans-exclusionary feminists shared their own version of the events considering it to be an act of transgender violence. Jennifer James, one of the key figures of TREF movement, wrote: ““The youtube shooter was a man. This was male violence. Name the problem. Men can shoot, rape, kill but we have to ‘respect pronouns’. No.” Another anti-trans feminist on Twitter who goes by the monicker ‘GenderCritXX’ pushed the surreal conspiracy theory. The user wrote: “They say the shooter is female. Women would never do such a thing. You can guarantee they are not actually female and are just another TIM [Trans-Identified Male],” stating that there were photos and videos that proved that the shooter was trans. In fact there is no evidence of it.


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