Anti-gay activists wished ‘Love, Simon’ ‘s main character to get AIDS


Anti-LGBT evangelical campaigner Peter LaBarbera went to see ‘Love, Simon’, and did a review in his typical anti-gay style. He said that as most room coms it is targeted for youth in late teens and early 20s (which we can agree with) and there was no explicit sex scene, only kissing. He liked that the movie was not explicitly sexual, but what he did not like is a happy end. Peter LaBarbera is probably the only person in this world who does not like happy endings. He wrote: “There’s no aftermath after this boy chooses to be gay, we’re never going to hear later about the diseases associated with homosexuality that he likely would get, mental illness, and of course the judgement of God.” Asked to elaborate, LaBarbera cited the debunked book ‘The Health Hazards of Homosexuality’, published by another anti-LGBT group, saying that he could easily get some ‘gay male diseases’ like HIV or syphilis (surprising news for the campaigner — straight men and women can also have these diseases) and mental health problems (gay people would definitely have less mental health problems if they were not so hated). “This the first major teen homosexual romance film to be a big box-office hit. And so this is, again, Hollywood is trying to mainstream sexual sin, homosexuality, transgenderism will be next. It’s all part of Hollywood trying to propagandise young people and all of society,” the activist concludes.


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