France is going to protect LGBT refugees


The French parliament’s legislative committee has voted almost unanimously for a measure to protect LGBT asylum seekers from deportation if being LGBT is illegal in the country they came from. The amendment, initially put forward by around 50 members of parliament from President Emmanuel Macron’s La République en Marche party (Republic on the Move), was passed by France’s lower house, the Assemblée nationale. The proposed change is going to erase countries from the list of safe counties of origin if they don’t legally recognize homosexuality. Under current law, asylum seekers who come to France from a country on this list can be deported through a fast-track system, even if they make an appeal, according to the Libération newspaper. Currently there are three countries in the safe list which still criminalize homosexuality — India, Ghana and Senegal. If the amendment is passed by France’s Senate, migrants who come from countries which penalise same-sex relationships will be able to make an appeal to France’s National Court for the Right to Asylum if their asylum request is rejected, without risking deportation in the process.


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