Labour LGBT officer faces expulsion for misgendering a trans girl


Miranda Yardley, an outspoken opponent of transgender equality, boasts about being “blocked by millions” on her social media profile due to a number of controversial remarks she used to make. Yardlay, who was appointed as an LGBT officer by a local Labour Party, landed in hot water over shocking tweets targeting Labour activist Lily Madigan, who was then 19. The activist, who identifies as transgender herself, but is part of the anti-trans ‘ gender critical’ movement, repeatedly misgendered and deadnamed the teen. “I don’t have a problem with Madigan per se . . . and could see it possible for a male to act as a women’s officer. However, in order to be able to fulfil that function, the women’s officer would have to listen closely to the concerns and needs of women. Madigan has shown he [sic] is unwilling to listen to women, and revealingly that he has no empathy with women,” she wrote.


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