Olympic diver Robert Páez comes out because life is too short and too beautiful to spend it hiding


The 23-year-old Venezuelan who competed as a diver in the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics has said that he has always been gay, he is sure that he was born gay, but the society he used to live in made him believe it was something shameful and he should have hidden it. But now he tells the truth because life is too short to escape yourself. It was very hard for him to come in terms with beng ‘not right’ in the eyes of his society. “Yet the truth is that if I was born that way, it was because God created me and he wanted it that way. When I finally came to believe that, that’s when I understood that I should accept with pride and courage what others called “mariconeria”,” the man told Outsports. He comes out to let the people know that homosexuality is neither better nor worse than heterosexuality, it just exists alongside it whether some people like it or not. Pretending that some people don’t exist or don’t deserve existing won’t erase them, it will only make them hurt, and making other people feel hurt just because they differ from you is pointless and cruel, he wants it to stop. “Being gay does not make us less as a man, or girls less as a woman. Being gay is not a disease. Accepting ourselves and respecting ourselves are big first steps. Life is too beautiful to be hidden in a closet,” he added.


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