Anne Hegerty hits back the homophobes


Quiz show champ Anne Hegerty had a withering reply for a viewer who disliked the drag contestant of The Chase. The ITV daytime quiz show recently featured 24-year-old contestant Daniel, a drag queen from Cheshire who proudly speaks out about gender fluidity. He added that he performs as “Ivy League, like the American universities, because I always come out on top.” Asked what he would do if he won the prize money, Daniel smiled and said that some new lingerie would make him a little bit happier. Twitter users were not happy about the contestant. One branded Daniel an “attention craving wankstain,” while another fumed “what the f**k is that thing on the chase?! Starting to fall out with this program now.” But regular Chaser Anne Hegerty was not impressed by the homophobic responses telling one of the users not to be “such a sad f**ker.” Out Chase star Paul Sinha also called out the homophobia saying that the show has always been inclusive and he has no idea how could a drag queen cause so much anger.


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