Judge ruled that the boys who verbally attacked a gay couple were not homophobic


Four teenage boys have been convicted of assaulting a gay couple but the judge refuses to admit it was a hate crime, even though it has been confirmed that the thugs used homophobic slurs against their victims numerous times. One of the victims was left with four teeth missing after the attack, during which the youths hurled homophobic slurs at Jasper and Ronnie Vernes-Sewratan, including “homo” and “flikker” – the Dutch word for ‘faggot’ – according to their attorneys. But still, they received a minor punishment. The perpetrators – three 17 year olds and a 15 year old – were sentenced to perform between 80 and 160 hours of community service each by the court in Arnhem, in the Netherlands. Though he considered it plausible that homophobic slurs were hurled at the Vernes-Sewratans, this was not enough for him to prove homophobia. The public prosecutor did not press the judge to state that it was a hate crime. The couple told police that they had been beaten with bolt cutters, but the judge ruled that it also was impossible to prove. As well as community service, the perpetrators were also ordered to pay the gay couple compensation of €4,276 and €577 respectively.


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