Every Avengers: Fans suggest there is a bi character


In a brand new Marvel blockbuster dozens of superheroes will attempt to stop intergalactic dictator Thanos from destroying Earth and the very bonds of existence. And fans believe that there could be a bisexual character or even several ones. Promotional shots released ahead of the blockbuster that’s been 10 years in the making seem to imply as much, with their copious amounts of bisexual lighting — blue, purple and pink. The colors of bisexual flag are not used by Marvel in part and cinema industry in general accidentally, and a number of other movies showed it previously. They have been used in Hollywood blockbusters like Marvel’s Black Panther, Atomic Blonde and Logan. Just like these stars, every single superhero in the new Avengers film is bathed in bi lights in the newly released images, and it could not remain unnoticed for the fans. “Is it just me or are the #Avengers #InfinityWar posters bi-colouring/bi-lighting and bi-aesthetic?! #bisexual,” one person wrote. One person wrote simply: “every avenger that has the purple and pink light behind them they’re bisexual.” And another happy fan tweeted: “bold move making every Avenger bisexual, Marvel. but hey I’ll accept this new canon tyvm”. Another wrote: “so you’re telling me they confirmed EVERY SINGLE AVENGER as bisexual? finally some good f**king food”.


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