Gay couple was kicked out of the bar and told it was only for straight people


Patrick Hannon and Jake Archer were left “speechless” by the incident last month at Jake’s Bar in Leeds, which is not so far away from the gay village in Newcastle. Door staff told the pair that they would not be allowed in because they were a same-sex couple and the bar ‘did not encourage it’. “Don’t you think this is discrimination; if I was with a girlfriend this would have been fine as you were only allowing mixed male and female groups in?” Archer asked in his social media post noting that such a policy is quite strange for a bar located next to a gay quarter. “If we were drunk or in a large group then you would understand. They need to think about how it makes them look – as a bar they are not very open minded,” Hannon added in the interview to BBC. The bar blamed the issue on the “externally supplied” door team and promised to investigate but even afterwards there were several people who complained on the bar online for the same thing. Speaking to the BBC, however, manager Paul Lane claimed the bar would “never discriminate” against anyone, and has a “strict equality and diversity policy”. He added: “We have many customers who identify with LGBTQIA+ communities who frequent the bar regularly.”


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