Jazz Jennings is excited about her future surgery


The star of I Am Jazz has begun the steps to undergo gender confirmation surgery, and recently confirmed on the show that she has a date booked for the surgery on June 20th. Jazz, age 17, has been waiting for this surgery for all her life, she was born a girl trapped in a male body and all she wants is harmony of how she is deep inside and how she looks. “It hasn’t fully hit me yet that it’s happening. I’ve been wanting this all my life,” she said, “But I feel like a couple of weeks beforehand, I’ll be like, ‘Crap! This is a big operation! This is serious.’ Jazz understands that her mood and attitude to it all will be changing by June and she is really interested to figure out what are these changes. “I definitely want to do it. I’ve always dreamed about having this procedure done,” she added. She is still at risk because she is underage and has extra weight, so she has to treat it seriously and carefully. But she is ready for it and she is already much slimmer: “I have reached the 30 lb. goal! And I’ve actually lost a couple of extra pounds. I’m hoping to lose about 10 more, just as my personal goal. I’m very happy with my progress and I’m on track for my surgery!” said the girl.


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