Pastor who said gay people would not let human population continue is to lead the Bible study group in the White House


In the latest frustrating yet unsurprising move by the Trump administration, Vice President Mike Pence and nine other cabinet ministers have decided to back the creation of a Bible study group in the Capitol after more than a century of break and to appoint the homophobic preacher as a head. Ralph Drollinger, a seven-foot tall basketball player-turned-Evangelical pastor, is leading the bible study group that has resumed service in the White House. The meetings, which takes place for 60 to 90 minutes every Wednesday, is to be attended by such homophobic politicians as Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo and Betsy DeVos. The White House’s favoured pastor believes that “the ultimate outcome” of gay people “the discontinuation of the species since homosexuals cannot procreate” as the Bible stated repeatedly that homosexuality is something that could not be forbidden, in God’s eyes it is a sin. He also said that endorsing LGBTQ equality is “to head in a direction contrary to God’s desire,” reports the Human Rights Campaign. 63-year-old Drollinger’s influence also stems outside of the White House. His bible study groups under Capitol Ministries encompass 43 U.S. state capitols and more than 20 legislatures outside the country.


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