The first police force to log LGBT+ domestic violence victims has already found more than 700 cases


Greater Manchester police force began using code D66 in June 2016 to record the victims of domestic abuse identifying as LGBT+ and during the six-month pilot test 150 such cases were discovered, by now there are 775 of them. Greater Manchester police have said that are happy to report that 70% of those referred by police had taken up support, adding that it is, fortunately, three times more than it was originally expected. The figures are shared nationwide to let the people of UK know that anti-LGBT violence is a problem that should be solved globally and each citizen should contribute to solving this problem if possible. GMP has been the first force in the UK to record the sexuality of domestic abuse victims and perpetrators, raising questions concerning over whether forces nationwide will now adopt the practice. Research by the charity Stonewall suggests almost half of gay and bisexual men have experienced domestic abuse in families or from their romantic partners from the teenage period. Gay and bisexual women are abused by their romantic partners in 25% of cases.


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