Questions about homophobia made Tyson Fury storm out of interview


Boxer Tyson Fury has stormed out of an interview after he was asked about aggressive homophobic remarks he used to make without any single attempt to apologize. ITV News reporter Nick Wallis had begun to ask him: “You’ve said things in the past that people have found abhorrent. They’ve accused you of misogyny, they’ve accused you of homophobia.” Fury told the journalist that he would not comment it further and said that press should not have gone there. The reporter shifted tact, asking: “Do you accept you’ve got to win over a larger number of people, coming back this time, before you can be fully accepted?” Fury refused to reply again, saying that he was a boxer and was ready to talk about boxing only. Losing patience with the reporter’s apparent follow-up question about doping, Fury abruptly stormed out of the interview, yelling “terminated” at the camera.


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