Kevin McHale introduced Austin McKenzie as his boyfriend via Instagram


Actor Kevin McHale – who rose to prominence as wheelchair-bound singer Artie Abrams – was congratulated by fans who saw his photo of one hand on top of another person’s hand. He captioned a post with an emoji meaning ‘I love you’ in sign language, making fans suggest it was McKenzie whose hand he was grapping, because he speaks the sign language. The pair both featured in When We Rise, a 2017 TV miniseries created by Dustin Lance Black that told the story of the struggle for LGBT equality in the US. And now the two have officially confirmed it. Over the weekend, McHale shared an adorable shot of him and McKenzie cuddling up with each other and according to the caption they were having a lot of fun at Coachella. The pair also helped out at homeless charity the Los Angeles Mission, with the 29-year-old former Glee actor captioning the photo with the sweet message: “Thank you to @thelamission for doing the important work they do and for letting us join you for #skidroweaster yesterday.” Fans of both of the actors were excited and delighted with such an announcement. Many of them did not know they were gay (it has been rumored but neither of the actors revealed his sexuality publicly).


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