LGBT activist Marielle Franco’s fiancée still cannot believe she is gone


Mônica Benício has spoken out following the murder of her fiancée, black feminist LGBT activist Marielle Franco, whom she planned to marry next year. . Franco was an openly serving lesbian politician whose goal was to be the voice of minorities in Rio. Franco, 38, and her driver Anderson Pedro Gomes, 39, were shot to death last month. She often spoke openly about the need to crack down on discrimination against minority groups, especially from the police authorities who, as she believed, often abused power and force when it came to minorities. “I screamed and I shouted. I smashed part of the house… None of it seemed real… It was like I was having a nightmare and would wake up at any moment. But as more and more friends arrived it became more and more real. More concrete. More desperate,” her partner said, adding that Marielle had two sides: one was a social activist who went on the street and shouted out that we needed changes. This part of her is alive because her deal will continue and she has followers. But there was another Marielle — a woman loved by her partner, who cannot even grieve about her now because she does not make up her mind with that fact that her beloved is dead. “I don’t question at all that it was a political crime,” she added. “She was our only black female councillor – a black, lesbian woman from the favelas occupying a position of power that’s predominantly reserved for the white men who make up this ‘Brazilian elite’,” she said, adding that she still believes Marielle will be back.


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