Trans activists demand to boycott a movie with Matt Bomer playing a trans woman


Trans activists are calling for a boycott of Tim McNeil’s film Anything, based on the novel of the same name. This is a story about a depressed widower who moves to another city to escape suicidal thoughts and meets a transgender sex worker who becomes his friend. Mat Bomer, who is in fact a gay cis man, was chosen to play a trans woman and it caused a massive irritation. Eddie Redmayne, Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto and Andrew Garfield have all been criticized for taking transgender roles in the past, while trans actors are not even given a chance to be cast. That is why trans activists want to attract the attention of the film bosses to this problem by boycotting the film. Trans Narratives, an organisation helping trans people to share their stories, has now called for a boycott, and instead urged people to watch Chilean film A Fantastic Woman, starring trans actor Daniela Vega, which won the Oscar this year for Best Foreign Language Film. “Here is some feedback. The meme resonated enough to get more than 2,000 shares in a couple of days,” the group wrote in one post. “Feedback indicates that most trans people are offended by Hollywood’s employment of cis men who put on a dress trying to imitate trans people. If it is no longer acceptable for white folks to play African Americans, American Indians, Asian Americans, why is it acceptable for men to play trans women?”


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