Piers Morgan says gender-fluid people are damaging society


Piers Morgan has marked his return to Good Morning Britain by what we all probably could expect from him — publicly condemning gender fluidity and non-binarity. The host was interviewing TV doctor Professor Robert Winston and the conversation was not even about gender issues, but Morgan could not avoid mentioning them. “Where I’ve got a problem is this whole, opting out of gender. Being gender-fluid. Waking up one day and thinking you want to be whatever you feel like. Is that not damaging to society, if we allow everyone to self-identify however the hell they like?” Dr. Winston agreed that transgender people required support during transition, but refused to comment the second half of his statement. There are increasing evidence that there are hormonal and other influences which in fact dictate how people feel about their gender later on. Not all people, but some people. I think it would be helpful to do more research in that area,” said Winston. “People who are transgender certainly wouldn’t regard themselves as being ill, yet they want to have free NHS treatment, so there is a tension there as well. I think some of these treatments are not without risk and professionally I have seen people later on who have deeply regretted transitioning.” In fact, the scientific data shows that transgender people regret about surgery in less than 2% cases. And people who have undergone surgery have less risk of mental health problems and suicide.


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