Coronation Street star was afraid of public reaction on a lesbian storyline


Actress Faye Brooks, known for the role of Kate in Coronation Street, was quite nervous when her character was paired to another female character Rana, a Muslim girl forcefully engaged to a man. “I am enjoying it more because at first I was sceptical when I was handed the responsibility of carrying this storyline, more so for Bhavna because I didn’t know what sort of backlash she would get,” she told Irish News. But there was nothing to be afraid of, Kana (Kate+Rana) is a pairing fans deeply love. She did not expect such a reaction, but if there are shippers of Kate and Rana, then she is one of them. “We are doing it for good and it’s been so well received that I know that we are reaching out to a lot of young girls that are of the religion that Rana is,” said Brookes. Brookes hopes that the couple will be able to live their happily ever after now that they are both out of the closet, with hopes that storylines will allow them build a family in the near future.


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