Famous London bookshop Gay’s The Word was vandalized


Situated as the centre of the Lesbians and Gays For The Miners activist movement in the early 1980s, the bookshop was specialized on the books devoted to queer history. It was subjected to attacks from homophobic vandals numerous times. And the latest attack has seen one of the bookshop’s window’s smashed over the weekend – leaving the shop with a £500 bill to fix the glass. The store manager says the new glass was bought almost immediately and the trade did not stop even for a minute, so if the vandals wanted to commit the sabotage not to let the shop work, then they failed. Attitude magazine writer Matthew Todd posted about the bookstore’s plight on Facebook. “Gay’s The Word bookshop has had its window smashed in in lovely tolerant London. Happens every now and then. Please support them and the great chaps who run it x,”


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