Lesbian woman shares how it was to work on Fox News


CNN political commentator and activist Sally Kohn worked for Fox News for a year.It was during that time that she understood that the channel’s officials were not ready to divide her views, though everybody was nice to her in general. Except the late accused sexual harasser and CEO of Fox News Roger Ailes. He gave women and people of color a chance to realize themselves on TV as nobody else was ready for such a risk, and it was good. But the way he behaved with the women has never been good, which created a quite uncomfortable atmosphere among staff, even though Kohn could not even imagine how far her then-boss could go. “The worst I was subjected to was Ailes telling me that I had pretty eyes. Mind you, he told me this uncomfortably often, but that’s still relatively mild compared with what other women suffered at Fox News. Unfortunately, during my time there, I had no idea that Ailes’s behavior was so much worse. I had no real power at Fox News, but it would have been a much different place had more women, let alone gay women like me, held positions of authority,” she added.


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