Tory politician denies saying homosexuality was immoral


Hillary Su, who is standing as a councillor in the borough of Westminster in next month’s elections, weighed in to a debate on Twitter last May over the former Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron who refused to respond whether he considered gay sex immoral or not. In a reply to her followers, Su wrote: “The right to private life, however immoral, is what free society offers – so long it doesn’t [sic] interfere with others or break laws,” adding that if Farron was a Christian then he should not have been afraid of saying out loud what he believed in. Now she explained that it did not mean that she as a Christian considered gay sex immoral herself. Jesus taught to love and not to judge, this is what she is stranding for. “I am proud of the Conservative Party’s record on equality, including the historic step of legalizing equal marriage and I will always support equal rights and the people I represent,” she added, noting that love is beautiful in any shape and it should be celebrated anywhere where it can only be found.


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