Nigerian newspaper called Theresa May a lesbian because she supports LGBT


A Nigerian newspaper has published a column hilariously suggesting that the British PM was divorcing her current spouse in order to tie the knot to her new Nigerian beloved who was female. An opinion column in the Nigerian Guardian made the surreal claim after May made a high-profile intervention at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London last week as she said she regretted about Colonial-era anti-gay laws being still in action in the Commonwealth. “[Theresa May] might be considering taking a wife from Nigeria or any other Commonwealth country that her ancestors presided over its expropriation and ruination,” wrote Paul Onomuakpokpo in his column, believing that for a heterosexual woman there should be no need in “rhapsodising about the glories of homosexuality”. The writer added that May married a man because 40 years ago there was no other option, and now there is, so she, as he believes, was seeking a bride, apparently abroad, in Nigeria or even the United States. “If May wants a wife from Nigeria with the support of its government, she would definitely be disappointed. Nor would she find succour in the United States which was a bastion of same-sex marriage advocacy in the Obama era. Now, she is not likely to be a welcome guest of President Donald Trump. But she could find a wife in France, Germany, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Denmark and other such countries that have embraced the prospect of extinction by endorsing same-sex marriage,” he wrote.


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