Same-sex couples in Italy are forced to lie about their children’s conception


Chiara Foglietta is a lesbian woman from Italy who has recently given birth to a baby boy named Niccolo. But the thing is that according to the Italian laws a child can be legally recognized only if he or she was conceived by means of heterosexual sex act, if no, parents should either lie or make up their mind with that fact that from the legal point of view they have no child. Such a law, endorsed by the Catholic church, affects not only same-sex couples but also straight couples who use ARTs (IVF, surrogacy etc.). Currently, it is illegal for same-sex couples to adopt their partner’s children in the country, even though same-sex civil unions are legal. Chiara was one of those brave people who refused to hide the way her son was conceived. ‘I need to make this stand not for me, but for Niccolò, for all Rainbow children, for families who do not have the same strength to face these battles, for the children of single women and those with partners who have chosen medically assisted procreation with external donors and want to tell the truth,’ she said. ‘The problem is today, not in the future, but in the present—the present that is here, now,’ the woman wrote on Facebook.


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