Justin Trudeau has been awarded for LGBT activism again


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be awarded an international LGBT+ travel award for making Canada a better travel destination for LGBT tourists. The Pinnacle Award, which is presented by The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA), will be given to the PM for turning Canada into a welcoming place. “I am incredibly proud to extend this IGLTA Honor to Prime Minister Trudeau. He presides over a country with some of the world’s most advanced LGBTQ rights, but instead of resting on those credentials, he makes it a personal point to vocally support our community and keep moving our issues forward,” IGLTA Board chair Juan Julia told Travel Daily News, “There is no doubt that LGBTQ travelers are respected and embraced in Canada, and that welcoming message is amplified every day through his actions as Prime Minister.” Trudeau is a vocal supporter of LGBT, he marched at the Pride and appeared on the cover of the Attitude magazine.


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