Nigel Farage says that Justin Trudeau hugging Sadiq Khan is a sign of the end of the Western civilization


The PM of Canada and the Mayor of London both have previously spoken of their common liberal values, met up on the fringes of the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting. They greeted each other and shared a hug, which was lovely. But the former UK independence Party leader Nigel Farage did not think so. “This photo is not filling me with confidence that Western civilisation can be saved,” he wrote in Twitter, attaching the picture of Trudeau and Khan hugging. One Twitter user wrote: “I just want a record that you actually tweeted a picture of Justin Trudeau and Sadiq Khan hugging as a threat to Western Civilisation. I don’t think I need to say anything else.”Another confused user added: “Are you being racist, homophobic or both Nige?” We personally think that Mr. Farage is neither. If he thinks that cuddling is dangerous for the civilization, then it is really sad, because he probably has never been warmly cuddled, that’s all. This man just needs a hug not to be so angry and prejudiced to other people.


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