Polls show that most people of Czech Republic are pro-LGBT


The pressure rises in the Czech Republic in order to ban same-sex marriages and to limit LGBT rights, but in spite of it the majority of Czech people expresses support to the queer community, the new poll has found. The Prague Daily Monitor reports that a poll conducted by Median polling agency showed 75 percent now believe that same-sex couples should have a right to be legally recognized and to marry if they want to. Only 19% of respondents were against it. The poll represents a shift from 2016, when support stood at 68 percent. Now 61% of people think that same-sex couples should have a legal right6 to adopt children, though two years ago there was twice less people to think so.

Same-sex couples are currently permitted to enter registered partnerships in the Czech Republic under a law passed in 2006, but gay couples are not afforded the full right of marriage. The country does not permit joint adoption by same-sex couples, although a 2016 court ruling struck down a ban on people in registered partnerships adopting as individuals.


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