The new head of NASA is homophobic


The Senate has approved the nomination of a Republican lawmaker with an extensive anti-LGBT record to lead NASA. Oklahoma representative Jim Bridenstine, who has no background in science, was this week confirmed in the Senate to become the administrator of space agency NASA by a vote of 50-49.  GLAAD raised issue with Bridenstine opposition of LGBT rights, in part transgender protective measures provided by Barack Obama. Bridenstine has also called for the repeal of marriage equality, saying it runs “contrary to millennia of human experience.” The lawmaker was a sponsor of the Marriage Protection Act, a bill that attempted to ban courts form hearing cases related to a ban on same-sex marriage. He said: “I will not stand idly by and let the Supreme Court overthrow the people’s voice and legislative bodies. Activist judges will not decide the fate of this issue, and I will continue to fight for traditional marriage.” Bridenstine also campaigned against allowing openly gay kids to take part in the Boy Scouts.


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