Two of three Brits would not be against having a gay royal and attending a same-sex royal wedding


The survey of 1,681 people, published on Friday, records the “biggest shift” in public opinion regarding same-sex marriage for four decades. 73 percent of respondents said they did not object to same-sex marriage in general, 21 percent is against it in general, but only 8% still believe that it should be legally forbidden. However, the poll shows that people are more concerned about a same-sex union than, for example, marrying a divorced person or a person of a different nationality and\or religion. Only 6 percent of people would ban or disapprove of interracial marriages, 5 percent would ban or disapprove of marriage between people of different religion, and 4 percent would ban or disapprove of divorcees remarrying. Only 15 percent of people said they would be “very concerned” if a member of the royal family were to marry someone from the same sex, but only 10 percent would be it if one of their friends or family member were to do so. 40% of Brits would not accept a same-sex royal wedding, even if they accept same-sex weddings in general because they believe in stricter standards of behavior for the royals than for average people.


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