USA pastor who supported discriminatory laws is running for Massachusetts Governor


Massachusetts preacher Scott Lively has links to anti-LGBT movements across the world, particularly in those countries where LGBT acceptance is already far from perfect. In part, in 2013-2014 he supported anti-gay laws in Uganda (now repealed) and Russia. The pastor has now announced a bid for Governor of Massachusetts, as a primary challenger to incumbent Republican Governor Charlie Baker. Mr. Lively promises that he will promote the true Republican values during the race. In part it means that he would allow discrimination against LGBT people. To his mind gay rights are not human rights, he says that he reached such a conclusion after numerous conversations with human rights experts. We have no idea who the ‘experts’ of human rights are and how could they deny that gay people are also humans, but it is a separated story. The thing is that Mr. Lively’s plan is to introduce the First Amendment as a dominating factor in conflicts based on sexuality. It means that anti-LGBT people would be allowed to discriminate against the community and excuse their actions with the ‘freedom of speech’. “The second is what I call the separation of LGBT and state. To the extent that religion is restricted in government, so should the LGBT political movement because it is basically the counter to it. They’re opposite political forces and movements competing for influence in society, and government should get its thumb off the scale when it comes to that. Let’s get back to like we had it in the ’40s and ’50s,” Lively added.


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