Riverdale creators promise a sex scene between two female bi characters


A Riverdale writer has revealed that the show’s first bisexual couple Cheryl and Toni is set to go beyond kissing . Cheryl came out as bi to Toni just last month and their thriving same-sex romance was almost damaged by Cheryl’s momn who tried to ‘cure’ her. And now, Riverdale writer Brian E. Paterson has revealed that fans of Choni – the couple’s ship name – will be able to see the girls getting even closer. On Sunday, he tweeted: “Don’t fret, Choni fans — there is some really good stuff coming in our final few episodes. Hang in there. #Riverdale”. “Omg king fav this if we get a Choni kiss in one of the next few episodes legend ,” wrote one fan, but the writer said that kisses are not enough and there will be something better. Fans were pretty excited by this revelation from Paterson, who has a writing credit for 10 episodes of the show. “KING THANK YOU LEGEND,” replied the Choni stan who had prompted Paterson’s amazing disclosure.


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