Study directly connects religion to LGB youth suicide


The research published last month in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Preventative Medicine highlighted a significant link between anti-LGBT dogmas infused by most religions and amount of suicides among young gay, lesbian or bisexual people. One of the study’s co-authors John R. Blosnich told HuffPost that religious groups often insult LGB people teaching them to hate themselves and think that they do not deserve living, that is why they commit suicides. He said: “Religious groups who stigmatize LGBT people should be aware of the potential damage they can do to an individual and families, and honestly the damage they do to themselves as an organization.” The study used data compiled by the University of Texas and surveyed over 21,000 university students and the research shows that straight students can be saved from killing or harming themselves because they believe in God. First of all, killing yourself is a sin, and second of all, they are taught that God loves them no matter what and every struggle will end one day, such thoughts can keep people alive when they are on the edge. But when it comes to LGBT students, the situation is quite opposite. The study found that lesbian and gay youths whose religion was very important to them had a higher risk of feeling suicidal. There was also a higher risk for a suicide attempt. Students were asked about whether they had considered or attempted suicide, and whether they had recently experienced suicidal thoughts. This was then compared with how important the students thought their religious beliefs were to their identities.


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