Teacher was suspended from job after coming out as gay


Michael Hill, a high school visual arts teacher in Seneca Kansas came out as gay to his pupils and on social media during last year’s Coming Out Day, and it provoked tons of abusive and threatening letters addressed to him. Hill shared some of the letters he had received on social media, saying that unfortunately homophobia still exists and needs to be tackled. It is unclear whether the letters came from a parent of one of Hill’s pupils or another member of the community, but the message was that a gay man should not have been allowed to teach. There were also incidents of vandalism against Hill’s property, including an incident where his car tyres were punctured with a screwdriver and painting hateful slurs on the vehicle. Hill said that he felt that moving away from Seneca was the only solution. “It was very frustrating that my option was to pack up and move,” he said, “There are outstanding people there and the students were terrific! I enjoyed the time I taught there and I’m saddened that someone in the community thought so much less of me simply because I’m gay.”


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