Mitt Romney won’t be nominated to Utah Senate


The anti-LGBT Republican has lost a chance to fight for the place in the Senate in his native state Utah. Romney had been the odds-on favorite to win the heavily Mormon state. He even secured an endorsement from his former foe President Donald Trump after announcing the Senate bid, but he failed to gain the necessary 60% of votes that would allow him to compete. Once none of the 12 candidates were able to cross the threshold, the party continued with successive rounds of caucus voting until one candidate reached 40 percent. After the second round of voting, Utah state representative Mike Kennedy emerged in the lead with 50.88 percent. Romney came in a close second with 49.12 percent. The result means Romney and Kennedy will now face a state-wide primary to decide who runs for election in November as the Republican Senate candidate. The two men have less than 60 days of campaigning before the vote on June 26.


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