Syracuse University banned a fraternity because the initiation was offensive


Syracuse University has expelled its Theta Tau fraternity after the videos of the initiation rituals went viral. The administration called the ceremony disgusting, abusive, anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic. Chancellor and President Kent Syverud also promised to investigate all the fraternities and sororities in the university to figure out whether there was only one organization to promote such violence and who are those particular students who stood behind it. “In the last 72 hours, our department of public safety has interviewed 38 individuals, with more to be completed over the next few days,” he said. “By the end of this weekend, DPS will begin recommending charges.” Syverud also made sure to state that “the students have rights in this process” and that the university will, of course, adhere to that during the proceedings. Their futures in regards to their education will be determined after a judicial process. Amid ongoing investigations, the fraternity chapter insist that the video was meant to be a joke against discriminatory and abusive behavior, an irony. In fact, irony is a tool in literature and philosophy meaning that you seem to praise something but if to look deeper it becomes understandable that you are lashing out at it. If it is not understandable, then the irony is, mildly speaking, unsuccessful. Whether these young men wanted it or not, they did offend others and they have to be punished for it.


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