Tom Daley says future fatherhood inspires him to tackle homophobia


The openly gay British athlete Tom Daley has once again called out anti-LGBT laws in the Commonwealth and said that the person who motivates him to fight for equality is not even born yet. He wants to make the world a little better, a little more tolerant and welcoming for his son, who is to be born via surrogacy later this year. “You want your child to grow up having an equal opportunity as everyone else that is born, whether they’re gay, straight, male, female, whatever religion you are, whatever ethnicity you are. I think that everyone should have the equal opportunity to do the best you can,” said Tom, adding that only after starting a family with his husband, American filmmaker Dustin Lance Black, and beginning the parenting journey, he learnt to take care about himself — there is a little creature he is now responsible for, his son needs both dads to be alive, healthy and happy, so they should treasure every moment of their lives instead of wasting it. Understanding that he is blessed with life made Tom think about those people who could only dream about what he already has. “I went for lunch with my husband and I was sitting there with a gold medal at the Commonwealth games and I thought how lucky am I to be sitting with my husband after winning a competition and not being worried about any ramifications or someone being able to throw me in prison. To know that 36 of the completing nations criminalize LGBT people so that if I was born in a different country I wouldn’t be able to compete truly as I am, it struck me in such a way i was mortified by it,” said the diver.


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