Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears were in love triangle


Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears know each other for a quarter a century — two small blonde girls who were due to become pop sensations and LGBT allies were known as parts of the Disney show Mickey Mouse club. They were alongside a cute curly boy who would later become a boysband member and later a solo artist — Justin Timberlake. And both girls had a massive crush on him, Christina confesses to James Corden. “It was a good time, and – he had swag. Even back then, he had swag,” Aguilera said. Though, she did not spoil the sparkling passion between Justin and Britney. Justin was not a trophy she tried to win, he was a personality who has made his own choice and Christina respected it. Though they were represented as rivals, the rivaling was honest. Timberlake and Spears later officially started dating and she was happy for them. She keeps friendly relationships with both now and they are remembering the childhood love triangle with warmth.


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