Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski defines himself as sexually fluid


Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski has opened up about his sexuality in an upcoming issue of Gay Times, saying that he goes along the spectrum and cannot say that he is attracted to men only, he never says never. Now he is in love with a man and he is perfectly happy about it, but still, he believes that labels are for clothes and putting people in the boxes is unfair. The Netflix star remembers that, in his early twenties, being called bisexual didn’t sit right with him because it gives him only 2 ways — men or women. He does not want to limit himself with them, he is just Antoni, he is just the way he is. The 34-year-old Canadian native is currently dating photographer and art director Joey Krietemeyer. They have been an item for seven years. In the same interview, Porowski talked about Queer Eye’s hugely popular first season and how being involved in the project has helped him feel more comfortable about being such a public part of the LGBTQ community.


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