Indian doctor said that homosexuality could be cured


Titus P Varghese, who practises in Kozhikode, a city in the southern state of Kerala as a “sexologist and psychologist,” has also said that he can “cure” homosexuality, saying that it was curable as AIDS and cancer. The doctor also has more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, where he has posted dozens of videos with titles like “Treatment for homosexuality,” “WET DREAMS,” “bestiality,” “Necrophilia” and “Lesbianism.” The videos on the channel, called “Sex and Health,” have been viewed a combined total of more than 14 million times. In them, he has said he can “treat” homosexuality and even “correct the problem” of becoming gays. He does not believe people are born this way and thinks that homosexuality is nothing but a consequence of childhood trauma. “Only a man who is not influenced by his father, psychically or mentally, can think about another man – who belongs to the same sex as that of his father – in a sexual way,” he said. And what about straight people risen in a single-parent family? What about gay people who have straight siblings? The doctor believes that those people who don’t want to be cured are just enjoying being gay and don’t want to change it.


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