Man accused of drugging and raping people whom he met via dating apps appears in court


Sam Ashley from Portsmouth has been accused of drugging and raping four men in an eight-month period, using Grindr to meet the potential victims. Jurors at Portsmouth Crown Court heard testimony last week which one man, a University of Portsmouth student, had woken up to find Ashley performing sexual act on him. In a video played in court, the 20-year-old student told the jury that he had passed out after taking “a couple of sips” of a drink made by him, according to the local press reports. The 20-year-old had previously called Ashley “desperate” in an interview with police and said that Ashley told him it was love. Prosecutor Robert Bryan told the court that sleeping pills diazepam and zopiclone had been found in Ashley’s bedroom by police. The jury also heard that another alleged victim was given an “ultimatum” to meet Ashley, who also lied about being terminally ill. This victim, who is HIV-positive, told police that he was drugged and raped at his home after the pair had met at a bar. After returning to his house, the victim said that Ashley had “tried to shove” poppers under his nose, before later finding Ashley trying to get intimate with him against his will. The trial at Portsmouth Crown Court is expected to last three weeks. Mr. Ashley denies all charges.


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