Non-binary sex scene in Billions is history-making


Last year, the Showtime drama introduced Taylor, a character who does not identify as male or female, played by non-binary actor Asia Kate Dillon. Taylor is an intern at the hedge fund who is super-intelligent, a vegan, and a non-binary person preferring to be addressed by the pronoun ‘they’, not ‘he’ or ‘she’. In the latest episode on April 22, Taylor is sent to San Francisco to hear technological pitches with venture philanthropist Oscar Langstraat, played by Mike Birbiglia. They fall in love and later to Oscar’s mansion, undress, and enjoy a pretty lovely TV sex scene. The move has been generally praised by reviewers, even if some people took to Twitter to express their outrage, confusion and, often, ignorance. In a prime example of confusing gender with sexuality, one said: “If you wanna consider yourself non-gender, fine. But if you have sex aren’t you admitting to yourself to being one or the other on some level?” The answer is no. Gender identity is who you ARE, sexuality is who you WANNABE WITH. Non-binary people are neither male nor female. But it does not mean that they are attracted to neither male nor female.


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